You want to create your own Facebook apps?
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The Social Media Hero makes it possible!

It’s that simple…

  1. You add the apps to your pages with one click
  2. You book the desired campaigns for your apps
  3. You configure your campaigns according to your wishes
  4. You adjust your page tabs’ name and picture to your wishes
  5. Done! It’s that easy with us.

Social Media Hero’s advantages

  • Attract new fans and customers
  • Use our apps with your own design
  • Control and customization via an intuitive backend
  • Ongoing updating and adaptation to Facebook’s guidelines
  • Transparent flat rates without hidden extra costs

Heroic Facebook apps

Discover our wide range of Facebook apps. Due to the possible viral spread of the apps, you reach an audience that goes far beyond the expectations of traditional marketing activities. And while you can customize the graphics and texts of all the apps according to your wishes, we regularly care about updates and adjustments to ensure that all apps always remain compliant with the Facebook Guidelines.


Raffles on Facebook pages are the most popular and successful apps. Get new fans and create a positive image in your target group.

Team Raffle

The app is applicable in versatile ways and always pursues the target that your fans must complete a task within teams before they get a reward for it. So let them put together a football team for example – as soon as eleven friends are found, they can participate in a raffle.

Photo Gallery

Use a photo carousel or a pop-up gallery to present visual impressions to your fans.

Contest / Competition

Whether photo or video contest – our contest apps let your fan count explode virally.


Harness the power of the social quiz apps to involve your fans.


Involve your audience through polls on your Facebook page. This will encourage your fans to share interesting polls with their friends.

Advent Calendar

Delight your fans with a new surprise every day by giving away prizes daily and give the campaign a viral character.

Football Penalty Shootout

Doing football penalty shootouts, your fans compete with a virtual goalkeeper – but watch out: he won’t let every ball pass! Using the mouse, the ball can be controlled and shot and once your fan has scored a goal, you can give away a prize.


Improve your service and give your fans insight into internal process. Show yourself as a friendly company and request the dialogue with your customers and fans.


Increase your fan count using printable coupons.


As a hotel, restaurant, or car rental, win new guests thanks to the individual booking app. Your fans can perform bookings directly on your Facebook page.


Make your fans curious by integrating a countdown on your Facebook page. For example, you can inform your fans when a new promotional campaign starts on Facebook.


Take advantage of the largest social network in the world to recruit new employees. With our recruiting app, your Facebook page becomes a focal point for future colleagues.

Easter Egg Hunt

Hide exciting surprises on your Facebook page and send your fans on easter egg hunt. This way, prices can be won every day.


Your fans work against the clock to uncover all memory areas to find all the matching pairs. The highscore list increases as well revisitation rates as participation and enables the targeted advertising of products.

Slot Machine

Your fans start the slot machine by clicking and with some luck hit the correct symbols. Here you can configure the probability of a hit and the icons according to your specifications.

Free Facebook apps

The following apps are available for free and can be customized according to your wishes.

Imprint Tab

Regarding to several judgments, it’s highly recommended to provide an authentic imprint on your Facebook page. Protect yourself of adhortatory letters using the free imprint tab.

Contact Form Tab

Give your fans the opportunity to get in direct contact with you. Embed a contact form, and thus create the basis to generate leads directly from Facebook.


Include your twitter channel on your Facebook page and show your fans what content you place on Twitter. Optionally, you can also display your retweets.

Text Tab

You can insert text and pictures using a Word-like editor and thus create the most different tabs. Advanced users can also switch to HTML mode.

Download Tab

Whether videos, songs, albums, mixtapes, DJ sets, e-books, white papers, brochures, or presentations: Provide files to download for likes directly on your Facebook page.


Embed moving image into your Facebook page. Show your fans current videos of your company whether for entertainment, product launch, or tutorials.

Shitstorm alert — the hero in adversity

A single unfortunate post, a failed comparison or just an ill-conceived advertising is sufficient enough to heat the minds of your fans and followers on social networking sites. Within a short period of time, an uncontrollable multitude develops—especially on sites with a large number of fans it’s often hard to keep track and have the evolutions always in mind in order to respond as soon as possible and avoid image damages in that case.

Social Media Hero’s shitstorm alert allows you as a page operator to influence and respond calmingly to such “dangerous” situations as quick as possible in order to avert the looming shitstorm still timely. We inform you immediately by SMS and email as soon as unusual activities on your pages appear—such as a particularly high level of user activity or an unusually high number of comments related to a post on your Facebook page. Thereby you define the covered boundaries until we shall notify you yourself.


You will receive a unique, time-limited right of use for your particular app for the prices below. You can realize one campaign with an app (such as sweepstakes). A re-booking is required for each additional campaign. If you decide to accept one of our subscription offers, you can use several apps an unlimited number of times.

Easy creation of Facebook apps
Own graphics and texts
Use the free apps
Excel-/CSV-export of participants
Random generator for the draw of winners
Assistance and email support (free of charge)
Concealable "Powered by Social Media Hero" logo
Campaigns inclusive per month1025
Maximum duration of the campaign1 month3 months6 months6 months
Shitstorm alert25 pages50 pages
including 19% VAT
0.00 €
100% for free
24.99 €
per campaign
49.99 €
per campaign
249.99 €
per month
499.99 €
per month
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What our beta testers say about the Social Media Hero

»The Social Media Hero provides huge cost and time savings with maximum satisfaction. A truly heroic tool.«

»I’m really excited! Super clear and simple, but still a lot of personalization options.«

»Super easy to use – and if there are any questions, you’re helped out really fast and very friendly.«

»While social media agencies estimate around 500 € for a sweepstakes campaign, it can be done using the Social Media Hero within no time and for just 50 €.«

»No hidden costs and everything worked right away. A must for every social media manager!«

»Uniquely well done. Bravo. It couldn’t be easier.«

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